About Us

Who Are We?

Ziadeh Group is a Lebanese success story that started in 1998, grew over the years and became a national torch plan company with 40 employees and a turnover exceeding eight million dollars in 2012.
With its headquarters in Beirut, Ziadeh Group now has a branch in Quarantine, and warehouses all over Lebanon.
The year 2009 witnessed the expansion of the company abroad with the opening of its Dubai branch, followed in 2011, by another branch opening in Irbil. Future plans consist of expanding all over the MENA region!

Message From The CEO

We started a business, now we are pursuing a mission! When Ziadeh Group was established, in 1998,
its purpose was to grow and to earn recognition in local tire business. 15 years and several branches later, our goals changed and we decided to join the green revolution. Thus, we started investing in eco-friendly power electronics technology with products that manage from critical data center information (UPS, batteries, solar panel) to sophisticated network server. Moreover, and since old tires are a major source of pollution, Ziadeh Group decided to contribute to finding a solution via retreading and recycling, with the aim to reduce environmental pollution and to limit tire rubber waste in Lebanon. That is how Ziadeh Tires, one of the first retreading companies in the Middle East, and Green Lebanon, our specialized tire recycling business, were born, with a commitment to find new and better ways to transform waste into viable products…for less pollution, better environment and GREEN added value! Is there a better way to join the green revolution?
President and Chief Executive Officer

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